1. I Will Be Free
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Neil Citron - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Joshua Seth Eagan - Drums
Jon Pomplin - Bass

Written, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Neil Citron
Recorded at
Hidden Fortress - Las Vegas
Studio C - Los Angeles
Declassified Records - St. Charles
Mixed and Mastered at Hidden Fortress Studios


I Will Be Free
Verse 1
When she’s gone, nothing left to see.
The dotted I’s and crossed all the T’s
Chorus 1
Oh Oh there’s onlooking back
I said oh oh, what this means to me (I Will Be Free)
Verse 2
When she left, My house became a home
With no regrets, I never felt alone
Chorus 2
Look around and read the signs. Everything will work out fine
I deserve a better life, I reserve a real life
They will come and they will go and disappear after the show
Don’t hold your breath, look around,
Another chance will be found
Oh Oh—Oh Oh
Chorus 3 x2
Outro - I will Be Free