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"The Remastered Singles"

BangTower The Road We Travel, Instrumental Rock with Neil Citron, Robbie Pag, Frankie Banali, Jon Pomplin

"The Road We Travel"

"Hey, Where'd Everybody Go?"

"Hey, Where'd Everybody Go?"

BangTower With N With Out, Percy Jones, Neil Citron, Walter Garces, Frankie Banali, Rodger Carter, Jon Pomplin, Joan Fraley, Josh Greenbaum, Justin Stone, Chris Colovas

"With N With Out"

BangTower, Casting Shadows, Neil Citron, Percy Jones, Walter Garces, Jon Pomplin, art by Saxon Brice

"Casting Shadows"

Neil Citron, In Search of Higher Ground, remastered reissue

"In Search of Higher Ground"

"Flavored Jam"

"Flavored Jam"

Jon Pomplin, Disguise the Limit, Award winning


project 814, Jon Pomplin experimental rock prog album, award winning and critically acclaimed, analog recording on 24 track tape



Sea of Monsters single "Jaded" remastered


BangTower, "The Bag Man", Neil Citron, Robby Pags, Declassified Records, The Road We Travel

"The Bag Man"

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