Flavored Jam: CD + DOWNLOAD
  • Flavored Jam: CD + DOWNLOAD

Flavored Jam: CD + DOWNLOAD

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Album Notes by Neil Citron: Gregg and Matt and I sat in a room together and jammed for 6 hours. The result is this CD. Each song was played once and then cut down in length. Gregg and Matt played what came to them and no direction was given. This is like the old days when musicians actually got together and. just played off of each other and let the notes fall where they may. It was one of the greatest experiences of my music career. The only other person who helped was my assistant engineer Joan Fraley who started ProTools and stopped it when we stopped.

My thanks go out to all the companies that have supported my efforts always. Red Plate Amps, DiMarzio, lbanez Guitars, Tom Anderson Guitars, Fender Guitars, Dean Marley Strings, Morley Pedals, Aphex, Audix Mics, Rode Mics, Royer Mics, Digitech Effects, Roland Effects, Keeley Electronics, ProTools, Waves plug-ins, Wave Distribution, TC Electronics and Mesa Boogie amps.

Extra thanks to Kitty and Lou, Coral, the Vai's, Pam Dancy, Joan Fraley, The Bissonette Family, Monica and Danny, Serena, Liddy Kitty, Hat-Gloves-Scarf and Socks (the Chins) and Bob Carpenter.

This CD was recorded with a Fender B-Bender Telecaster that Bill Cummiskey helped me get and... more credits released January 28, 2017

Neil Citron - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals Gregg Bissonette - Drums Matt Bissonette - Bass Produced, Written, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Neil Citron Recorded at the Mothership Studio in Hollywood, CA Manufactured 2006 - Neil Citron/Harmony Music Records. Released by Declassified Records.

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